Spirit Animal Sanctuary

In the summer of 2004 we purchased 130 acres of land to use as our animal sanctuary. 

We bought two older mobile homes to use as temporary housing and had some fencing put up for our dogs play yards.

The mobile homes were heated during the winter and cooled during the summer. The next year 2005, we had enough money to frame out and enclose what would eventually be, when we could afford it,  our main animal building.

Image Spirit Animal Sanctuary year 2006 Spirit animal sanctuary 2004-2006

(Number 1 in photo) In 2009, thanks to your wonderful support, we were able to finish our main animal building. Electric, water, heating, cooling, windows, doggie doors and over 7,000 feet of 8 foot high industrial quality chain link fencing.


(Number 2) In 2010 we added some much needed storage buildings.


(Number 3) In 2011 after calls from earlier years, from people trying to help horses from going to auction. We decided to build a little three stall horse barn, so in the future we would be able to help at least a few horses in need.


(Number 4) The now empty mobile homes, that kept our guys warm, comfortable and dry, during the early years.


(Number 5) In 2006, we actually needed a place to live, so we purchased a mobile home.

Spirit animal sanctuary in 2012 Spirit animal sanctuary 2009- 2012

2015 Information to come

spirit animal sanctuary 2013-2015 Spirit animal sanctuary 2013-2015






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